Window Cleaning

As we all know, windows were invented to let light in and to allow you to see out. However, glass accumulates dirt and grime over time, requiring you to maintain it. You will be surprised at the difference a professional window-cleaning makes on your home. Our professional window-washers can provide the excellent service your windows need and that you expect.

Our method of cleaning windows

When we arrive at your house, we give you the price before we do ANY of the work, so there are no surprises. All windows are carefully washed with micro-fiber hand mops and rubber squeegees. No harsh chemicals are used by our workers; a solution of plain dish soap and water is the only liquid used on your windows.

  1. We first remove screens and storm windows.
  2. We next wash the windows and wipe the sills.
  3. We wash the storm windows and wipe down the frames.
  4. We clean the screens with a brush and a damp towel, leaving all dust outside your home.
  5. We carefully replace screens and storm windows.

Note: due to stubborn stains or paint, some windows may need to be scraped with a razor blade. If this is the case, we are extremely careful not to scratch any windows. There is also an extra change for this service.

The Homeowner does not need to be present for outside windows to be cleaned; an invoice will be left at the house to show that the work has been completed.

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